Benefits Counseling Trainings

Our Benefits Couneling staff offers a two-day Provider Training seeking to enhance the skills of benefits counselors, health care providers, attorneys, case managers and other advocates throughout California to better serve the needs of diverse communities of people living with disabilities. We provide a comprehensive training manual, and focus on the fundamentals of benefits, winning a disability claim, working with active drug users, public benefits and immigration, public benefits and incarceration, and working while disabled issues.

We also present at state and national conferences, including the National Harm Reduction Conference, the State Bar of California’s mid-year and annual meetings, the United States Conference on AIDS and the National AIDS Update Conference. Through continuing legal and medical education symposiums as well as presentation to County and State Departments of Public Health, we discuss how to overcome barriers to obtaining and maintaining benefits in order to continue to work towards economic justice and health access for targeted communities.

Please call (415) 777-0333 for more information about the Provider Training.


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