Letter from the Executive Director

Last year, nearly 1,600 disabled people came through Positive Resource Center’s doors, unable to find work or access monthly income to provide them with basic resources such as food, clothing, housing, and adequate nutrition. With the benefit of our free legal aid, computer training, and employment placement and support services, our clients are on the path to financial security, and improved health and well-being.

Our many committed stakeholders have helped ensure our Employment Services Program’s position as a national model for vocational services for people who are disabled by HIV or mental illness. Through our comprehensive programming, clients are learning marketable skills and are being hired in the booming tech and healthcare sectors as well as by nonprofits.

Our Benefits Counseling Program continues to ensure that disabled people who are too sick to work but have no income receive monthly disability benefits that provide them housing, nutrition, and regular healthcare. Our attorneys are also highly sought after as experts and trainers in the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), Social Security and the LGBT communities, as well as benefits for people living with HIV who are over the age of 50. In 2013, we expanded our trainings to consumers, offering workshops in English, Spanish and Cantonese.

We know you care deeply about our work serving those who are disabled by HIV or mental illness; your caring enables us to continue to do what we do every day to ensure our clients have access to regular income, housing, adequate nutrition, and health care coverage—the essentials of a healthy, happy life.

Thank you for making a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives.


picture of Brett Andrews
Brett Andrews
Executive Director
picture of L. Julius M. Turman
David Stith
Board President

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