Board & Staff

Positive Resource Center is a collaboration of staff and volunteers with diverse skills and dedication to making life better for people living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS.

Board Of Directors

Kent M. Roger, Esq.
Michael P. Monagle, Esq.
Vice President
Bill Matheson, Esq.
Bill Matheson, Esq.
Anna Benvenue, Esq.
Larry Bolton, R.N.
Doug Browning
Jacques Michaels
Rory Quintana, Esq.

Advisory Board

Michael F. Bell
Michael S. Bernick, Esq.
James Carter
Karl H. Christiansen, Esq.
Laura Lee, Esq.
Donna Sachet
David Stith
Gary Virginia
Daryl Walker


Fernando Aguayo-García
Director of Quality Assurance
Billy Allen
Employment Specialist
Brett Andrews
Chief Executive Officer
Eduardo Blount, Esq.
Supervising Attorney
Symantha Chapman
Employment Services Coordinator
Andy Chu, Esq.
Chief of Programs/Confidentiality Officer
Michele Chu
Legal Assistant
Montrell Dorsey
Employment Specialist
Martin Fernandez
Front Office Coordinator
Hollis Fleischer
Vocational Counselor
Tracy Fredley, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Sean Greene
Development Assistant
Isaias Guzman
Legal Assistant
Jose Jauregui
Employment Specialist
Jessica Hallett, Esq.
Supervising Attorney
Kendall Holbrook
Staff Attorney
Alisa Jackson
Supervising Legal Assistant
Natalie Jones
Staff Attorney
Ross Kalmin
Employment Specialist
Lisa Kohli
Staff Attorney
Ron Kurlaender, Esq.
Supervising Attorney
Rebecca Levin
Communications Coordinator
Tomas Llorence
Computer Training Associate


Demetri Moshoyannis
Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships
Beth Mazie, Esq.
EAHP Supervising Attorney
Adrianna Mee
Legal Assistant
Adrienne Mendle, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Marvin Morris
Executive Assistant
Samantha Noel-Dudinsky, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Karina Palomera
Senior Benefits Advocate
Sergio Perez
Chief Financial Officer
Joe Ramirez-Forcier
Managing Director,
Employment Services Program
Dennis Reilly
Supervising Employment Specialist
Pat Riley
Compliance Specialist Consultant
Gayle Roberts
Chief Development Officer
Teena Rodriguez
Operations and Human Resources Manager
René Soto
Employment Specialist
Chuan Teng, Esq.
Managing Legal Director
Benefits Counseling Program
Joe Tuohy
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Wegman
Chief Information Officer
Brian Whitford
Computer Training Manager
Dee Yavor
Supervising Employment Specialist
Mike Zhang, Esq.
Senior Staff Attorney

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